Our Process

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The Four " COMPASS POINTS " of Our Process

You’ll find that our client-centered process and casual elegance approach is straightforward and built upon a foundation of honesty and integrity. Our 4-step process is called " COMPASS POINTS " and is described below


  • The cornerstone of our process.
    In this step, we simply focus on getting to know you and your expectations.

    Similar to a captain planning his voyage, we want to understand where our clients are in their lives and where they want to go.
    We’ll use a variety of tools, including interviews and questionnaires, to build an understanding of your personal goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk comfort zone. Understanding your personal comfort zone for investment risk is critically important to us so we can provide your investments the necessary time to grow without making emotional decisions to sell. After all, we feel that “Time in the Market” is more important than "timing the market" for enabling your money to grow.

    What's next? Design

  • We then chart the course with a navigational map that integrates all the various pieces of your family's financial puzzle into a comprehensive plan

    The plan is at the center of our discussion and may involve collaboration with your other professionals such as your CPA or estate attorney.
    We then design solutions intended to help you reach your objectives using the vast array of Services and Investment Products available at Raymond James. Again, we do not have any preconceived ideas of what products or services you may need; rather we develop personalized solutions for you using our time-tested and disciplined process.

    Our objective is to provide a hassle-free process.

    What's next? Implement

  • We then present our recommendations to you in an easy-to-understand format, answer your questions, consider alternatives, outline the steps we need to implement your plan, then set sail!

    Our navigational map will also provide tangible guideposts and “bite-sized” actions we will take together to help you stay on track and pursue your goals.
    We work hard to explain all our recommendations in plain English, avoiding the Jargon of the investment world. Some of the ways we help educate clients on financial matters along our journey can be seen under the Captain's Log-Knowledge Center tabs.

    What's next? Manage

  • We then manage the plan and navigate as your needs evolve and your life unfolds. We get out-front of obstacles that come our way.

    Our objective is to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable voyage together.


  • Flagship Characteristics of Our Service Model

    You can count on us to embody these traits as your financial co-captain.

    • C ommunicate...we actively listen to help identify your goals in a straight-forward manner
    • O rchestrate...we work with other professionals in your life for a coordinated approach to your finances
    • M easure...we determine your personal comfort level for investment risk so your money is invested accordingly
    • P rocess...our time-tested and disciplined process helps keep emotions in-check when markets get rough
    • A cessible...reach us anytime, whether you prefer face-to-face meetings, phone calls or email
    • S trategy...a written, comprehensive financial plan integrating all your financial puzzle pieces
    • S uccession...family team designed to provide multi-generational planning

    • P lans...client educational events and proactive outreach to clients to keep you up-to-date
    • O ptimal---market strategies focused on performance, net of any fees
    • I ntegrity...Hank Persia is held to the highest standards of ethics and professional responsibility as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.
    • N etworked...a website and staff to help keep you informed, plus referrals to other professionals as needed
    • T racks...progress with a "Plan Checklist" and regular portfolio reviews to keep us both accountable
    • S implify...your life through a hassle-free voyage that integrates all your financial matters